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Computer Literacy for Entrepreneurs (Corporate)

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Through Contextual Learning, DCI has designed and developed its entire “Computer Skills for Entrepreneurs” curriculum, specifically to accommodate those with minimal exposure to IT related business education. This program’s objective is to intervene programmatically, focusing specifically in the areas of financial education (Introduction to QuickBooks) and Business - Office Proficiency & Productivity. Both components offer a 1-year subscription to DCI’s Online Interactive Software Training. Contextual learning occurs in close relationship with actual experience, allowing students to test academic theories through “real” applications.  Contextual Learning theory focuses on the multiple aspects of any learning environment and encourages educators to choose and/or design learning environments that incorporate as many different forms of experience as possible—social, cultural, physical, and psychological—in working toward the desired learning outcomes.

This program compresses the two modules; Business - Office Proficiency & Productivity and Introduction to QuickBooks into structured (Open-Ended) hands-on workshop training sessions that enables qualified* participants to more precisely enhance pre-existing levels of proficiency with new skills. This course will equip the individual with the skills they’ll need to succeed in any business application and begin the development of a well educated, trained, and self-sufficient individual that can compete in today’s changing global economy.