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TechHire Initiative

The TechHire Initiative was endorsed by the previous White House administration..  TechHire Initiative is a campaign with the sole purpose of expanding local tech sectors by establishing tech talent pipelines in communities across the country. These new programs focus on providing workers the skills for a pathway to the middle class while providing employers with the skilled technology workers need to grow and expand.

“When these tech jobs go unfilled, it’s a missed opportunity for the workers, but it’s also a missed opportunity for your city, your community, your county, your state, and our nation". Revolutions in technology and communication have created an entire economy of high-tech, high-wage jobs that can be located anywhere there's an internet connection." - Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President

Employer demand for IT skills is ever present – and constantly growing. Firms prepared to hire from credential-awarding training programs are reviewing and upgrading their hiring practices to integrate certification-based hiring.


Tech jobs pay one and a half times the average wage of a private-sector job. Studies have shown that these opportunities are also accessible to those without college degrees – men and women with non-degree certificates in computer and information services earned more than 65 percent of men and women, respectively, with traditional Associate Degrees. Today, there are over 600,000 open IT jobs across all sectors – more than two-thirds in fields outside the tech sector, such as manufacturing, financial services and healthcare.


DCI Resources (The Learning Academy)

TechHire Initiative: ITXpress Program

DCI Resources (The Learning Academy), a high-tech IT firm is a TechHire grant training partner of the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB).  The U.S. Department of Labor's TechHire Grant is an initiative to bring accelerated IT training and workforce development to Connecticut to train young adults in the tech skills needed to enter into the IT workforce. We train participants during accelerated three-month semesters, and the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board's ITXpress Program has several employer partners, including IBM, Cigna, Frontier, and members of the Connecticut Technical Council. Students in our programs earn widely-recognized IT credentials (e.g., (MOS) Microsoft Office Specialist, (MTA) Microsoft Technology Associate, IC3 GS5, CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+), Cisco (CCNA, CCENT), etc).


DCI Resources, LLC is a full service information technology support & maintenance consulting services firm founded in 2009, with headquarters located in New Haven, Connecticut.  DCI principals have 20+ years of multi-industry experience in delivering a wide range of IT services; IT Training & Education, software/hardware implementation, business analysis and project management. The Learning Academy's new Hi-Tech Classrooms (Learning Labs) / Authorized Public Testing Centers, with locations throughout Connecticut, will launch innovative training programs and provide a broad spectrum of certification programs / models to develop tech talent in Connecticut.

Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board (NRWIB) Program Flyer
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NRWIB Program FlyerFor question associated with eligibility, suitability criteria and/or enrollment contact;

(Northwest Region) 
Career Navigator, Angelo SantaMaria, 203-574-6971, extension 465

(South Central Region) Career Navigator, Matthew Reid, 203-867-4030, extension 287

The main criteria for this program is that a participant must be a Connecticut resident, be between the ages of 17-29 and has some barrier to education or employment.  Essentially all would be eligible to attend programs at our new Hi-Tech Classrooms, as long as they are part-time students. In fact, some of our programs are possibly eligible for college credit, as they are credential-based,  including Vocational Tech School, i.e., displaced ITT Technical Institute students, college students; both 2-year and 4-year (as long as the participant is not enrolled as full-time student elsewhere). (source:

These programs are ALL inclusive and at NO cost to the participant.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information with respect to a particular Career Pathway, i.e., Program Curriculae, please feel free to email our Program Coordinator at Individualized Career Pathway curriculae are available in PDF format, which will provide a host of information, including associated credential attainments.

This program is an innovative way to get on the fastest path to well-paying information technology and high-growth jobs in in-demand sectors like healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and financial services.