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DCI Resources, LLC (The Learning Academy) – Training & Education Division: The Learning Academy was formed to meet demands of a much larger scope of services than the typical “One Stop Shop Center”. 

DCI Resources (The Learning Academy) All Featured Programs

One such demand, as DCI generates an abundance of popularity from, is its Training & Education division. The Learning Academy features the latest Hi-Tech classrooms (In-Class and/or Virtual Learning Labs), our highly coveted (LME) Learning Management Environment, Authorized Public Testing Centers (featured at all locations), Industry Recognized and Industry Demanded “real time” IT training programs (tailored to the respective IT discipline). 

All training programs include career development / employment readiness (via our “Career Resources Center”), exam preparation, certification and licensure testing, group

training for businesses, and one-on-one training for individuals pre-approved through supplemental funding source, i.e., corporate account, Department of Labor. We provide/proctor onsite & remote (or virtual) testing for computer-based certification, pre-employment assessments, and professional licensure exams. Staffed by certified and experienced instructors in respective fields of vocational education, DCI Resources offer classes for a multitude of career studies. DCI has always maintained at least an 87 percent 

placement record of hard to serve graduates through our various funding source organizations with benchmark-measured requirements, due to our impressive wheelhouse of IT placement firms, who maintain contact with our placement division on a daily basis. 

DCI Resources has provided services to essentially every business sector; non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, community-based organizations, municipalities, etc., as recent as responding to Good Jobs Challenge and CareerConneCT services requests. Successful businesses and organizations have always relied on specialists to construct and implement strategy and deliver and maintain full systems functionality and DCI’s Professional Services Division was developed to provide total information systems solutions to the global community, up to and including training & education services. DCI employs a full staff of Systems Engineers, Certified PC and Network Technicians, Programmers, Software Developers and Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist/Instructors who continue to build a comprehensive team of support for every client into the next millennium.

For a detailed career pathway outline, please <<click>> on the respective program title(s).  For a PDF copy of the featured flyer, please <<click>> on the flyer.

p. (203) 404-5054, ext. 102

The Learning Academy's Most Popular
Career Pathways / Certification Programs 

Note:    Detailed Program Outlines are avaialble upon request (WIOA Compliant) 

Exam vouchers are available onsite or through our website. $40 proctoring fee (per exam) will be assessed for outside exam voucher purchases.  Exam re-takes will require an additional $40 proctor fee. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  Photo ID required for all scheduled exams.

We provide career development, exam preparation, certification and licensure testing, group training for businesses, and one-on-one training for individuals pre-approved through supplemental funding source, i.e., corporate account, Department of Labor.  DCI Resources (The Learning Academy) is a leader in the certification testing industry. We provide onsite testing for computer based certification, Pre-employment assessments, and professional licensure exams.

Certifications are a great way to break into a new technology, cover gaps in your resume or advance your current position. The best people in the IT business are the ones who are passionate about learning and that is a key to being successful. Technology is evolving at a pace that is difficult to keep up with.  As the environment moves forward and changes so must you. Regular education is a must whether it’s back to college, buying a book or getting a certification.

We provide a comfortable, professional, distraction free environment, fast Internet speed, and state of the art testing equipment.

Note: DCI Resources (The Learning Academy) offers training & education that is totally contractual.  Our participants are provided and vetted directly through private entities, including CTDOL’s workforce development board partners, on a contractual basis.

The testing center hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday by appointment only.

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WIOA funding eligibility.

To discuss your training needs or schedule an appointment for a certification or licensure exam,
Please feel free to contact our facility: (203) 404-5054 or visit our headquarters (currently under construction)

776 Grand Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut (Ext. 101)

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